"How the fuck did you make your Hawkeye costume?" A photoset.

Okay. Let’s go!

Hi. I’m Lisa Marie aaaaaaand this is my Hawkeye costume. Since I started making it it Feb ‘13 I have had hundreds of messages about it… it’s getting tedious answering them all so this, is a FAQ.

Where did you buy the vest?
I made it.

Where did you get the bow?
eBay. I won it in an auction for £16. I scouered eBay for two days, found it and sniped it.

How did you make the vest?
Using purple and black jersey fabrics, black pleather, a 20ish inch zip, buckles, rivets and elastic.
I mocked the pattern up myself using my mannequin, did the black base first then added the purple panels. Sew in the zip, and the pleather details, buckles and you’re set.

How did you get it to fit so well… /Why did you use jersey?
This is a Rule 63 version (…duh). For my female Hawkeye I wanted to keep all the elements of Renners Avengers costume, but shape them to a female form. Thus. Jersey fabrics provide the required stretch.

How did you make the arm guards?
Elastic, D rings, cardboard, gesso and spray paint.

How did you make the finger guard?
Scrap jersey from the vest, elastic. Sewn together.

Where did you get the (new) patch?
I made it myself from black pleather

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